Event Info

Ridge Rocker Event Info:  November 9th at Island Lake Recreation Area.

Rules and guidelines

  • Following the rules and guidelines for ridge rocker is a must.  By participating in the event, as a rocker you agree to
    • follow Ridge Rocker officials, staff, police and/or medical instructions
    • While we embrace a rocker attitude, rockers respect the physical, mental and psychological well being of other rockers
    • Wear the ridge rocker bib visibly.  Any participant not wearing a bib or showing it will not be able to race.
    • A photo id, bib, and waiver must be presented at the front gate to gain access to the ridge rocker event.
    • Allow any picture or video taken by the official ridge rocker photographer to be used for promotional, marketing, commercial purposes.
    • Refrain from bringing alcoholic beverages on the premises.
    • Abide by the rules and regulations of Island Lake Recreation Area
    • Any rocker not abiding by these rules and regulations will removed from the premises.


  • Ridge rocker personnel, emergency medical technicians, and Michigan DNR staff, will be on the premises to help maintain the peace and keep all rockers safe.  Any of the above Rocker personal may approach any rocker if they have reason to believe a fellow rocker is suffering or injured.
  • Any participation whom Rocker personal feels needs to be milf porn removed from the event will be enforced.
  • Ridge Rocker is in no way responsible for any immediate, short or long term medical expense incurred as a result of their participation in Ridge Rocker.  This includes transportation.
  • Ridge Rocker personnel may cancel the event due to lack of registration, severe weather, and mobile porn natural or man made disasters
  • It black porn is the responsibility of participants to walk away if they feel they are putting themselves or others at risk
  • Ridge Rocker personnel will be stationed throughout the course to try to ensure safety.
  • If any rocker feels endangered it is their responsibility to notify personnel.
  • Personnel also reserve the cartoon porn right to intervene if they see fit.


  • Parking is available on site.  Each car will be required to have a recreation passport to gain entry into the park.
  • A parking pass/Recreation Passport is $11.
  • This Recreation Passport will give you access to any Michigan State Park.
  • You can get your Recreation Passport by checking “YES” on your license plate renewal form, or by going online or by purchasing the pass at the park.
  • Recreation Passports can be purchased online and used at any Michigan state park at www.michigan.gov/recreationpassport